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Welcome to the Exceptional Living Centers HR InTouch, your online employee benefits manual. This site has been created to provide you with an efficient way to obtain information and answers to your questions regarding your employee benefit plans on a 24/7 basis.
We take great pride in offering comprehensive benefits to protect, reward and retain our valued employees. The financial contribution to your benefits program represents a substantial percentage of your overall compensation.  We want to challenge and encourage you to be a wise consumer of your benefits. Doing so plays a big part in controlling benefit costs, deductibles, co-pays, and payroll contributions. We trust that the tools and resources we are providing you during our 2019 open enrollment process will greatly assist you in reaching this end goal.

Our comprehensive employee benefit program once again aligns with our commitment and goal of being the "Employer of Choice".

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-          Select the “Create Account” under the log in section.

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-         For your password, enter your Social Security Number (No Dashes or Spaces).


Having issues logging in? Do not remember your username and password? Don’t know if you have one? Please call 877-336-8082 for navigational and technical support.



For benefits related questions please reach out to your Facility HR Administrator or email; Benefits@exceptionallivingcenters.com



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